Garou 7


Someone out there needs to write a story about a villain. Make the villain evil, yet with a backstory that makes the reader actually want to side with him (be very careful to not make him just an antihero). Obviously, throw in some sort of supernatural ability in order to make him a bit more interesting. Introduce some sort of hero who tries to stop him; however, don't let the hero win in the end.

Every time I see a hero win, I feel myself about to vomit. More often than not, the villain is the more interesting character, and they normally far outmatch the hero. But because of some stupid unwritten rule of story telling, the hero always has to win, even if the chances of them winning is slim to none. I'd love to watch a good movie or read a good book, where the villain is the main character, and the story revolves around him, instead of some bland, run of the mill hero.

Garou is possibly the coolest villain in all of anime; however, he is going to lose in the end, which is incredibly unfortunate. But, at the same time, Saitama is possibly the only hero who I actually like (I like Deadpool as well, but he's more of an antihero), so I guess it's okay if he wins. Can someone put a Garou-esque villain in some other story, and have him win in the end?

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