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  • ZebanHai

    For those of you who haven't picked up on all of the recent changes yet, here's a list for you.  IGG continues to release new Remove Seal Creatures with lots of rare upgradable skills on them.  Thank goodness those Omni Skill Essences are so easy to get >_

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  • ZebanHai

    Rather than continue to make pages full of partial information about these guys, I figured having news sections on my blog would work better.  Here's what I've heard coming down the grapevine.

    We're getting several new Creatures, a new Neander Hero, a possible overhaul to Alice's Bond, and a level cap increase of 5 levels (110 to 115).


    Emerald Witchcraft




    Burst Flying Fish

    Mammoth Giant Elephant

    Lava Nightmare

    Hell Walker


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  • ZebanHai

    As a high level player I often find myself running into this irritating message:

    "You're at the max number of cards.  Please sell or enhance your Creatures and try again.  This includes Creatures, Essence, Skill Essence, and Event cards."

    So I have to go and see which Creatures of mine need leveling up and use up all of my essences to make room.  Sometimes, however, I find that I simply have no more essences to get rid of!  999 Creatures seems like quite a bit when you first start the game, but when you begin to get some good coupon draws from the altar and open a substantial amount of Limited Event Boosters, you find yourself with a growing horde or 4-star Creatures.  When you try and use a rare card like this to level up another card you s…

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  • ZebanHai

    I know there are probably many articles around that talk about strategies and what creatures you should keep and which ones are best to meld and all of that.  In the interest of keeping this blog friendly to all players, I'll do a short overview of what has made the mid-game or farming portion easier, however, the main thing I'd like to address is how to completely destroy later in the game.  What creatures should you be focusing on?  How should you spend those gems you've saved for the last 4 months?  Should you really spend all of your energy on exploring for shards every day, or is the maze a much better investment?  These are all questions I had at one time or another and hopefully my experience will help shed some light on things.

    The …

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