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What is Valhalla? Edit

Valhalla is a new place found in the Secret Region, and is unlocked at level 43. Opened to the public December 29 2015 US server.

Producing Shards Edit

There are 3 slots that you can use in Valhalla to produce shards. You can only produce one type of shard for each slot. There are three type of shards you can produce, 3-star shards, 4-star shards, and 5-star shards.

Shard Level Requirements
3 - Star Shards 15 energy(12 if featured)
4 - Star Shards 30 gems (24 if featured)
5 - Star Shards 250 gems (200 if featured)

Defending Your Shards Edit

After setting up the shards you want to produce, you must set-up three decks that will defend these shards. The opponent is given 20-minutes to try and kill your Hero and creatures. If they are successful, they can choose 1 shard they want to steal from your production slots. Each player has 10 chance to steal from other players. You can also purchase a shield that lasts 24-hours for 500 gems that stacks to each other.

Defending creatures do not heal and resurrect when they die from defending. They will revert back to their original status when the attack is over.

Looking for a player to steal from may be costly. A single search costs 100,000 coins. Failing to search for an opponent will result only a random 1-3 star creature.

Occasionally, you may encounter a hall that who's guardians have already been defeated by another player, but still has shards left. You can choose whichever shard you want from that hall without needing to go through the guardians. (In my case, there was a Juggernaut and Eye of Jonara shard).

Additional info:

You can increase the production by paying x number of gems. You can increase the production up to 3x making 5 shards per shard production maximum.

Level Gems per increase of production(1st, 2nd, 3rd purchases)
3-star shards 5 gems, 10 gems, ??
4-star shards 40 gems, 60 gems, 150 gems
5-star shards 300 gems, 500 gems , 700 gems

Valhalla interface Edit

Valhalla Production Screen

Player's Valhalla screen # 1. Shards being produce(can be stolen) # 2. Sharp production rate and rate increase button # 3. Available attempts to steal. # 4. Time left until finish of production # Defending deck buttons

Valhalla shard production

Production Screen 1. Production Slots 2. Shards that can be produced

Valhalla Challege page

This is the enemy's Valhalla page. # 1.Available Shards # 2.Attempts left # 3.Time Left

Valhalla challenge

Challenging opponent's deck. Defeat the opponent's three decks to steal 1 shard from their resources. Take note: You have to steal a shard that is more than 1, or you would not be able to steal the shard.

Tips and Strategies Edit

Maximize all slots with rare shards, increase your production rate then buy a shield. This will give you the maximum benefits to the production of shards. If you cannot afford to buy a shield, then I would suggest not to max out all slots with rare shards, unless you're confident that your 3 decks will be strong enough to handle the attackers. That being said, you might be able to slip by without anyone attacking you, but better be safe than sorry.