"Listen to the melody of death"

Vile Songstress is a Neander 5 star hero who was added to Deck Heroes in the 10.2.0 update.

Fun facts:

  • She has the most HP out of any hero in the game (15000 + (255 * Your Level)).
  • She is the only non-mortii hero to have Cull.
  • She has cull when she starts out, but can't upgrade it, or learn it again
  • She is one of the four heroes (Alchemist, Spirit Arbiter, Druidess, and this hero) that can learn Mass Charm and Lucidity.

Acquiring Vile Songstress Edit

Vile Songstress can be acquired only through the Ore Mall, for 750 ore per shard. This is great, because that means that everyone can get her for free!

Note that on the card it say that the listed source is Mines, but the card is available in the Ore Mall.


Requiem Edit

  • Requiem At level 1: Puts the two rightmost enemy creatures to sleep. They lose 20% of their Max HP every round, cannot use any of their abilities, cannot be effected by control effects. Once they have less than 20% of their max HP, they will deal basic attacks to their own hero, restoring 10% of the damage that they deal. If this skill is purged (presumably by Prayer), then the sleeping creatures take 1000 direct DMG.

In short, she's basically a 5 star version of Wight.

The description above is what her hero skill ACTUALLY does. Currently, the in game description seems to be wrong, because it isn't doing what it's supposed to do.

Also, according to the player who has her already, Requiem gets cleared off of any creatures that are already effected if it triggers again. It is unknown whether or not this is a bug.

She's pretty good. Definitely a decent choice if you want an Ore Mall hero.