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Virgil is a summoned Creature of the Mortii faction.

Acquisition Edit

Virgil is summoned by the creature Virgo. Virgil can't be acquired in any other way.

Pictures Edit

Skills Edit

  • Servitude - If Soul Bond activates, Virgil will take damage in place of Virgo.
  • Blood Pact - When Virgil sustains burst magic damage, 300 of the attacker's HP and Max HP is transferred to Virgil. The Hero does not gain any Rage from this damage.
  • Ethereal Form - Virgil is immune to RetreatInstakill, and basic attack damage.

Melding Edit

It is not possible to meld this creature because it is summoned.

Power Chart Edit

Level 0 10 15
ATK ? 500 ?
HP ? 2000 ?

Strategies and tactics Edit

Feel free to add some!

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