"May the Gods watch over you as they watch over Arcadia."
Warlock is a 5-star hero of the Human faction.

Acquiring the Warlock Edit

Shards can be found in the Tournament mall. 2x Shards for 4,000 points. Shards can also be found in the Trials and the Gauntlet.

Prayer Edit

His skill, Prayer, is a very powerful skill once leveled up. It heals all of your creatures, removes all status effects (including ones inflicted by heroes), and makes them immune to control effects for one turn. Due to his skill being able to remove other hero skills like Death Curse and Crazed Sorrow, this makes him an amazing hard counter against many types of decks.

He has solid spot on the Tournament where Wights and Captivators will tear through your unprotected cards.

Pictures Edit

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