"Nobody ever listens to me. That's why nobody can avoid their impending doom."
Wight is a 4-star Hero of the Mortii faction.

Acquiring this CardEdit

Source: Trials, Credits Mall, Hero Altar, Gauntlet

Players can find Wight shards available from the Credits Mall in a bundle of 3 shards for 1,200 Credits. Shards can also be found in The Mine

Once the player obtains 75/75 shards they can be exchanged for the hero card.

Artwork Overhaul Edit

On December 18th, 2015, DH went through a massive artwork overhaul due to suspected copyright infringement of Blizzard and LoL characters. His old artwork can be found in the gallery below.

Before the artwork overhaul, Wight highly resembled Kel'Thuzad from the WoW franchise.

Hero SkillEdit

Death Curse - Deals 400 Direct DMG to 2 enemy creatures with the most HP after their next turn. DMG dealt is increased by 0.1 times every turn.

Hero TalentEdit

From start, the Wight comes with Mortii Might, Firewall 1, and Shadow Hex 1.

Talents can be changed or upgraded by spending Glory Points. See the Hero Talents page for more info on what the hero can learn.

Strategies & TacticsEdit

Wight is extremely good if you use him well. His hero skill can be a deadly blow to Immunity or Frost Armor heavy decks, as the Death Curse will just bypass them and deal stronger damage as time passes by. I recommend that you keep Wight's Mortii Might and Shadow Hex, but change the Firewall to Undying or some other buff.

When going up against Wight, it is essential to remove the Death Curse Quickly as possible. The only way in which a user can accomplish this is through Warlock. His hero skill can remove all negative status effects, even hero skills, so any Death Curse, Chains, Melt Armor, and/or Crazed Sorrow will not work.

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