"Pain for pain!"

Zora Marauder is a 2-star Hero of the Neander faction.

Acquiring this CardEdit

This card can be drawn from the Hero Altar, and can also be found in the Trials and Gauntlet.

Pictures Edit

Hero SkillEdit

Battlewill - Whenever your creatures take an attack, they convert 20% + (Rank x 4) of it into their own attack power.

Hero TalentsEdit

Zora Marauder starts with Neander Shield 1 and Venom 1.

Talent 1 PoolEdit

Talent Name Talent Type Additional Notes & Information

Talent 2 PoolEdit

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Arguably the best 2 star hero and Very good if used correctly.

He is very good for Guild Maps, since when you can keep you alive through Bless, he will continue to use his Hero Skill, making your creatures stronger as they absorb damage, ending up with usually 3,000+ Damage if used correctly.

Unfortunately due to him being a 2 star Hero, his hero talents are very limited.

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